I live abroad but I use medical care in Poland

data publikacji: 2018-07-05 13:02:42

More and more patients are interested in getting treatment in our country with regard to the dynamic development of the private healthcare opportunities in Poland. An increasing number of patients from abroad is also noticed in the private St. Adalbert’s Hospital in Poznan.

What makes patients from Scandinavian countries decide to receive treatment at a Hospital in Poznan? We asked this question to patients being operated in our hospital today.

Mr. Bartosz Milbrandt, a patient from Iceland with back pains:

– A doctor in Iceland, where I live, said that I should wait until the pain passed itself and prescribed painkillers – says Mr. Bartosz – I started looking for treatment options in Poland. Before I took my decision, I contacted two hospitals. Finally, I decided to have endoscopy done in Poznan. What decided? Above all, the waiting time for the procedure (in Iceland the patients wait a year or two for the procedure), but also my conversation with doctor Winkler, his approach to the patient and explanation and, in my opinion, much higher standard of the St. Adalbert’s Hospital.

Mr. Marcin, permanently residing in Norway, says that he has been struggling with back pain for over two years.
– In Norway – says Mr. Marcin Górnik – I was offered only painkillers and physiotherapy, which did nothing, and the pain became unbearable and no painkillers helped. In Poland, I consulted a neurologist who referred me to a neurosurgeon who confirmed the need for surgery. In Norway, if I was even referred for surgery, I would be waiting for it for about 2 years, here I waited 2 weeks. I came yesterday and in one day I did my checkup. The fact that I can talk to the doctors in Polish is also very helpful and important to me when it comes to my health.

Access to the Hospital in Poznan is not difficult, you can register online or by phone. An additional facilitation are convenient flight connections to Poznan from the Scandinavian countries. You will get easily to Poznan from Oslo, Stockholm, Reykjavik and from the Poznan airport to the Hospital in half an hour.
We meet Mr. Bartosz and Marcin the day after their surgery, at the time of discharge from the hospital. We ask about their well-being and assessment of their Hospital stay:
Mr. Bartosz smiles – Now I can go back to playing football. My stay in the Hospital was very good. Both, doctors and the nurses took good care of me. Conditions in the Hospital are comfortable. Immediately after I go out I will take advantage of the fact that I am in the country and will take my mother for a few days to the sea.

We meet Mr. Marcin walking down the hall. With a smile he says that the operation was not easy and fortunately he decided on time. I could not work anymore – he says – couldn’t pick anything up from the ground. I lead a very active lifestyle and I thought it was the end. Now I will start taking care of myself. Still before returning to Norway, I would like to get the ophthalmologist consultation at the Hospital. When asked about the conditions and care, Mr. Marcin replies: nurses took care of me all night, I felt that I was well looked after. Dr. Winkler explained everything to me before and after my surgery. I will recommend the Hospital in Norway, because it is great place and provides care at the highest level.

We wish both patients a good health and a safe return home in Scandinavia.

St. Adalbert’s Hospital offers a wide range of neurosurgical procedures, including minimally invasive, endoscopic spinal surgeries, which provide shorter convalescence time and quick return to full activity. Fully endoscopic surgery, whether cervical spine, treatment for sciatica, stenosis or other treatments provided, are performed as a safe alternative to conventional surgery – adds dr Winkler. The combination of physicians’ knowledge and experience, modern hospital equipment with a personal approach to the patient, contributes to the success of treatments performed at the Hospital and patients’ satisfaction.

In the St. Adalbert’s Hospital are available, among others laser ophthalmic procedures, ENT, gynecological and many other treatments. Without long waiting times, you can make an appointment for specialist consultations, perform tests in the laboratory and obtain medication at the pharmacy or get to a well-equipped dental office.

In addition to doctors and nurses, patients are helped by the patients’ assistants. For international patients the Hospital provides International Patient Assistant who will help in organizing the arrival and stay of the patient and accompanying persons. You can contact the International Patient Assistant directly at +48 663 66 66 55

Marlena Wysocka, International Patient Assistant


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